10 Tips to Get the Right Benefits of Yoga Exercises

Our health is made up of three things - body, mind and energy. If any of these are not working properly, our health will not function properly. Yoga exercises do exactly this by combining all three. Yoga practising can solve many complex problems of the body. But since both body and mind are very closely related with this exercise, it is very important to give full attention while doing it. There is no substitute for yoga to stay healthy. A regular practice of yoga will help you achieve success by building a healthy and strong physical and mental wellness and ability. For this it is important to do yoga properly. Regular yoga exercises reduce excess body fat. Just ten minutes of yoga a day works like magic and increases immunity.

Many people think while doing yoga, where is the time for yoga in this busy life? But, Yogasana can be done at any time of the day except between two hours after taking food. According to yoga science, it is said that two hours before sunrise when the nature is calm, pure and our intestines, stomach are completely empty, is the perfect time for yoga. This inexhaustible vitality of nature influences our subconscious mind. For this we can start a beautiful day. If we do some practice in between our work without deviating from yoga for lack of time, then one can stay lively throughout the day.

Benefits of Yoga

Best of the Yoga advantages are:

1) Yoga is very important to remove toxins from the body.

2) Yoga helps in increasing blood circulation in the body, which makes us more energetic.

3) Yoga helps calm the agitated-distracted mind. It improves thinking skills and creativity.

4) Yoga activates the internal organs of our abdomen – such as the stomach, small intestine, colon, liver. 

5) It improves digestion and relieves constipation.

6) There is no alternative to yoga to relieve stress.

7) Reduces anxiety, increases endurance.

8) Helps to cure period pain in women, improves ovaries and fertility in women. 

9) Helps maintain physical and mental balance.

10) By uniting the body, mind and soul, yoga helps to focus more in any creative work.

10 Facts to Know Before Starting Yoga.

The advantages of yoga cannot be gained in a day. Practicing the yoga asana regularly with understanding and knowledge as required will yield much better results. Do you follow these 20 Yoga rules if you do yoga?

1) Do not practice yoga if you have a cold, cough, fever or phlegm in the chest. It’s not right to practice yoga with excessive stress on the body or with body pain. Practicing yoga during pregnancy is very beneficial. But before practicing, you must consult a doctor.

2) The place for yoga practice should be one where there is free air circulation. Again, the practice can be done outside the house, but care should be taken that the environment is pleasant without noise. It is not advisable to practice yoga in very hot or cold places. Asana should be practiced on a blanket, pad or thin mattress. Exercising on hard ground or paved floors can cause injury at any time. It’s better to use a mat for yoga. If a mat is not available, a thick cloth, sackcloth or blanket can be used. Care should be taken that the mat or area is not slippery. Yoga clothing should be light and comfortable. Glasses, watches should be taken off during practice.

3) There is no hard and fast age limit for practicing yoga, men and women of any age can do yoga. From 5 to 6 years of age, yoga can be practiced till the end of life. Just select a few seats as per requirement. Not all Asanas can be done at all ages. Younger boys and girls should not take any seat more than twice. Boys should not practice pranayama and mudra before the age of 14 to 15 years and girls before menstruation.

4) Yoga can be done at any time in the morning or evening. But don't have a full stomach at that time (except Sukhasana and Vajrasana). it is better to eat moderate and easily digestible food. It is important to drink plenty of water. Asana can be done after half an hour after eating a little food, but pranayama or mudra should be practiced on an empty stomach. It is better to do asana after breakfast. For those who have insomnia and digestion problems, doing Vajrasana for a while after meals will solve them.

5) It’s advisable to spend as much time as possible in asana, mudra or pranayama in one pose or process at a time. But in no case should there be more than one minute at a time except in a few specific seats. Padmasana, Dhyanasana, Siddhasana and Vajrasana can be taken as long as desired.

6) It is not advisable to practice more than 7-8 asanas at a time. Pranayama, mudra or one or two practices as per age and need along with Asana will give better results in a short period of time. After one asana or mudra practice one should rest in shavasan as needed. After 5-7 minutes of some exercise with bare hands, doing Shabasana or mudra gives results very quickly.

7) It’s not proper to force or shake any posture or procedure during asana practice. Care should be taken that there is no distortion in the face while sitting. Breathing should be normal during asana practice. But in Mudra or Pranayama the breathing should be controlled according to rules.

8) Not all yoga poses are for everyone. According to Ayurveda, Vata, Pitta and Kapha determine the exact nature of the body. If you practice yoga according to the dosha and body type, then you will get the best results. Each dosha represents a specific physiological process. As vata dosha maintains the balance of electrolytes in the body. Pitta dosha controls hunger, thirst and body temperature. Kapha dosha improves joint function. According to Ayurveda, there are specific yogasanas for each dosha. One has to find out which yoga is suitable according to one’s body type.

9.) Rest is very important during yoga practice. Rest between each asana. On busy days except in the morning, cold water bath can be taken before yoga practice. It will refresh the body and mind.

10) It’s better to take the help of a qualified trainer rather than practicing alone.

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