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Are You Aware of The 10 Little-Known Advantages of Music Listening?

The beauty of music lies not only in its melody but also in the numerous benefits it offers. From studies and observations, researchers and doctors have recognized the positive effects of listening to

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How To Help Life And Save Society? Work & Inspire For Blood Donation

The purpose of this particular article is to motivate people about blood donation to keep the flow of life in society right. In the discussion, advantageous inspiration has been given to make people a

Know How Cure Is Possible? Brain Tumor Basics with Remedies

When we hear about brain tumors or brain cancer, we get shocked. I read with great anxiety. If he is rich, he takes him abroad for surgery and if he is poor, he sees mustard flowers in his eyes. The m

From Pests to Profits: Do You Know These 10 Ways of Transforming Your Passion Into A Business?

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Preserving Our Natural Heritage: Types and Tips on Biodiversity Conservation

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Do You Know the Answers to These 10 Milk Myths & Misconceptions?

What is the first thing you say when asked to tell a childhood horror memory? It’s to drink milk every day then. A nightmare for children is to have milk every night. Though as a balanced diet,

Egyptian summer hacks: How to feel cool in summer without AC or Cooler?

How to sleep peacefully without AC and a cooler? In the intense heat of Summer, people's life is miserable. Everyone is gasping in the intense heat of the sun. In some parts of the world, the maximum

How to Beat the Summer Heat with The Egyptian Method Of Outing?

Even if people don't want to go out this summer, people have to go out for work or any emergency basis. But today Wishes Diary will teach you some Egyptian summer tricks to save yourself from the scor

Shout for Epilepsy Awareness Week on May 24 to May 26, 2023

National Epilepsy Awareness Week is a key event that raises awareness about Epilepsy and helps to dispel some of the myths and misconceptions surrounding this neurological disorder. More individuals t